I often see things online, and I think, wait, how much will that cost.  I get so caught up in thinking about the money that I wind up walking away from opportunities.  So let me spell out my rates right here:

$4 a page (double spaced, 12 point font, one inch margins) for short stories. $60 an hour for phone calls or Skype sessions.

$3 a page for novels (double spaced, 12 point font, one inch margins), plus a $350 fee for a one hour phone call and summary of feedback/revision plan/reading list generation

Here's how it works:

You email me the work.  I will then read it, make comments using track changes, and write a summary letter to you.  This can be followed up with a phone call or Skype session.  I will read anything you want reviewed.  Each time I look at something, even a revision, the same fees above apply.  I will provide you with upfront, honest feedback directed at helping you to achieve your writing goals.  This isn't about fitting you into a mold; this about helping you to tackle writing in the way you want, to the best of your ability.

Please let me know if you are interested in scheduling a writing mentoring session; email me at


First Ten Page Review

The first ten pages of your work are now more important than ever. They must grab an agent, publisher, or indie book buyer and leave them wanting more. Use this service to make sure your first ten pages story, and are formatted properly.

Query Letter Review

Do you have an elevator pitch? A brief synopsis? An engaging hook? A reason for querying that particular agent? Use this service to craft and refine your query letter. Let’s create something that will generate buzz about your project.

Are you looking for a relationship with a professor like the one you had in school? Do you miss having someone to talk to about writing? Do you miss having exercises and deadlines? Through one on one consultations, either in person or online, I can guide you through all stages of the writing process with feedback, critique, or just conversation. This fully customized service can include reading suggestions, craft  assignments, manuscript review, and goal setting.


50K words, $500.  I will read the first 50K words of your NANOWRIMO Winner and give you some insight into the next steps to take this project to publishable with a developmental editing review of content, structure, characterization, setting, pacing, and dialogue.

Accountability Coaching

You don’t want someone to critique your work, but you long for the accountability of a deadline. I can be the incentive to hold you to writing goals. The first step in reaching your writing dream is getting the words down on the page. Let me help you find reasons to reach your work goal each day!