I have worked far beyond my original aspirations because I have found Brandi to be credentialed, experienced and professional in her coaching and in creating a relaxed, non-judgmental atmosphere for my writing. She is inspirational to the intrinsically disjointed process of creating through her leadership in many documented aspects of her life, crystallized by her contagiousness in goal setting and constructive introspection.
— S. Jackson
During the program [AWP Writer to Writer], which officially ended in December, my mentor and I built the foundation for our relationship. I cannot say how THRILLED I am that the mentorship continues! My mentor provides me with critiques, reading suggestions, and continued insight on how “the writing life” applies especially to me. Recently we’ve been discussing what it means to me to be a YA writer, and particularly how to develop emotional depth in my characters. There are so many facets to this. One thing we’ve been discussing is how my own personal journey of emotional growth has affected my characters. We’ve also been looking at how different authors clue their readers in to their characters’ emotions on the page. Next for me as I redraft my current WIP: I’m seeking the balance between “show don’t tell” and simply being straightforward with my audience.
— Taylor Lauren Ross, http://www.taylorlaurenross.com/awp-previous-writer-to-writer-mentees/