Ever Glade Novel Brandi Megan Granett






EVer Glade: a novel


Eleven-year-old Willow wants to be a scientist like her father. She enjoys discovering and recording what she sees, from the trees to the mushrooms to the plants and animals in her forest home in Pennsylvania. But after a mysterious encounter with the owner of the Odds and Ends Shop in the tiny town where her family shops, she discovers she has a new gift—the ability to see into others’ past lives.

From glimpses of an old shipwreck to a lovely tea party, Willow is fascinated by her new gift, and faithfully records everything she “sees.” But when her mother’s depression takes them from their home in the Allegheny Mountains to her grandmother’s house in the Everglades, Willow’s “gift” allows her to learn more about her mother than she ever wanted to know. Will it be enough though to repair her fractured family?

Moving from the cool forests of the Allegheny Mountains to the exotic wildlife of the Florida Everglades, and then to the city streets of Washington D.C., this family saga with touches magical realism is set in the 1960s. It will delight and enchant its readers.