You don’t want someone to critique your work, but you long for the accountability of a deadline. I can be the incentive to hold you to writing goals. The first step in reaching your writing dream is getting the words down on the page. Let me help you find reasons to reach your work goal each day!

The idea for accountability coaching came from two sources.  The first was my archery coach who wisely taught me that money is the only way to make people pay attention.  The second influence was this article by Aimee Bender.  In this article, Bender details having a contract with a friend to help this fellow writer stick to their writing goals.

Maybe you aren't at the stage where critique would be helpful.  Maybe life constantly gets in the way.  With this service, you will be putting your money where your mouth is and gaining a word count cheerleader.

We can set daily, weekly, or monthly goals.  You can update me with your progress via email, telephone, Google Drive, Skype, Text, Facebook or Twitter.  You can specify how I am to hound you to meet those goals.  

Sometimes just knowing someone is expecting you to accomplish something forces you to do what you wanted to do in the first place.

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