"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going."

--Jim Ryun

So I just wanted to send a note to you today about habits.
What things are you really good at in your day to day life?  What can you always seem to fit in?  How did it get to be that way? How did that one item be it something you do well at work, having coffee at a certain time of day, your favorite way to exercise, making time for others--how did you get so good at that?  Probably because it's your habit.  It's what you always do.

Almost every book on writing mentions setting habits and creating a writer's practice.  Take stock of your dreams as a writer.  What daily action can you take to make that happen?  Where can you find the fifteen minutes to spend each day to get on the path to your dream?  It doesn't need to be an hour; it doesn't need to be perfect.  You just need to start.

Be well and write on!


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