Cathy Lamb, 47, is a women's fiction author. Her first novel, Julia's Chocolates, was published when she was 40, in 2007. All of her nine novels have been published byKensington Publishing in NYC. The most recent book, What I Remember Most, is the story of Grenadine Scotch Wild, a successful artist and painter, who is on the run. Again. Lamb lives in Oregon; she is married with three kids and has an odd cat named KC who meows to her and insists she meows back. She does.

When did you know you were a writer?

I knew I had to be a writer when I was 16. There was nothing else that interested me. I became a teacher simply so I could support myself, not starve to death, and have health insurance until I published. I did not have a lot of confidence that I would publish. I knew, though, that I had to try until my brain exploded. Yes, I was that desperate to become a writer. "Write until you can literally write no more," was my motto.

I knew if I ever gave up I would regret it. I knew I would be seventy years old one day so I told myself: Wouldn't it be better to reach the age of seventy and say, "I tried and failed," instead of, "I tried and quit because I couldn't take the rejections. I didn't buck up and fight back because I am a total wimp." I would have regretted not bucking up and fighting back and no one likes a wimp.

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