Why the Story Principle?  Why use a Story Coach?

One of the biggest reasons why you need a story coach is fear.

Yup, fear.  

What are we afraid of?  

Disappointing others.  Being judged.  Not feeling good enough.

Being silenced.  Or ignored. Hurting other people's feelings.

Often the stories we most need to tell, the ones we need to dig deep to analyze and re-evaluate are the ones we most don't want the people in our lives to hear.  We are afraid of being too messy, too needy, and not the people we project to the world.

This is were a story coach like myself comes in.  To me, your stories are just that--words.  Words that be spoken, written, edited, revised, shaped, and recast.  While they are words that shape your experiences, they are not you.  You do not have to be defined by these words alone, and I have no interest in judging you or ignoring you because of them; you can't hurt my feelings by telling a story nor will I think less of you for telling it.  Once you set the fear of the telling aside, all many of possibilities opens up.  

As a story coach, it is my job to create a safe space for you share these words and find new ones for your journey going forward.  Together, we will capture, analyze, and re-examine these powerful stories to find new ways to view past experiences and new ways to approach the world.  

George Santayana said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."  By using the Story Principle, we can unlock ourselves from any patterns we wish to change and move past. 

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