What is your vision?

Can you see through the mists of your life to encapsulate what you truly want?

Do you have some vague ideas of where you would like to be, who would you like to be, and where that would all occur?

Do you just lack the time to really pull it all together?

Think of a vision board and a visual representation of your mission statement, the one that will guide your life.  Company's use mission states to sustain and develop million dollar businesses--your life is just as valuable and in need of steering!

As part of my vision board service, we will meet to discuss who you are and what elements you want to manifest in your life.  After meeting, using online tools or three or two dimensional artifacts, I will turn your words into visuals that you can use to shape your dreams and goals.

These sessions also make great gifts.

Two hours of consultation and an online vision board: 250.00

Two hours of consultation and a two dimensional vision board: 350.00

Two hours of consultation and a three dimensional vision board or personal alter: 300 plus the price of materials