So how exactly does the Story Principle work?

We can begin working with the story principle in several ways.  First, we will discuss what "chapter" of you life you want to work on first: love, health, money, family, career.  

Then I will give you story prompts to help guide your storytelling. You can write these stories to share with me, or we can arrange a conference via the phone or Skype.

Once the stories are laid out, we can work on analyzing the themes, archetypes, metaphors, and morales they contain.  This step shows you the foundation for your belief systems, the view you are choosing to view the world.

Once you have established the place you are currently operating from, we can explore those stories to see how they can be revised to effect change on your belief systems and help you to move in new directions.

For many people, it will only take a few story telling sessions to improve an area of their life.  For others, they want to move through all the chapters for a complete examination.  No matter which approach works best for you, I am here to help.

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