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If only I could find the time to write...

I would write more if I could quit my day job. I would write more if I had a million dollars. I would write more if I had my own office. I would write more if I had some quiet time away from the kids. I would write more if I took a vacation. I would write more if I knew it wouldn't suck.

As a writer, you think you would be well versed in the power of words to create reality. But instead, we often ignore this lesson as it applies to ourselves. Surely we can cheer on other writers through writer's block, through setting good habits, through the power of revision, but with ourselves, we often disregard the very advice we dispense cheerfully. But I would like to introduce you to this one simple idea: thoughts are things.

The thoughts we have shape our world. As Henry Ford said, "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't -- you're right." My goal for sharing this today is to help you examine the tiny mad ideas you have about writing and publishing with an aim towards revising them. Just as we revise a story, we can revise what we think about our writing practice.

Let's begin with the biggest, tiny mad idea: There are ideal conditions for writing that must be met......

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