The Story Principle

Become the author of your own life's story

Since the beginning of time, humans have used story to learn. As we gathered around ancient campfires knowledge was shared from one group to another, one person to another, through story. But stories are not just told to us by others or to others—we also tell them to ourselves.

Whenever we experience something, we have the present time experience of it. We stub our toes, we get a new job, we lose a relationship, we have a great vacation. After this experience is over in present time, it lives on in our mind in the form of a story. We retell these events to ourselves and others. In the retelling and re-examining, the meaning or the moral of the experience/story comes to life. These morals then become part of the lens through which we view our world.

The way to fully understand how these stories operate in our lives is to explore and dissect them the same way you would in a literature class or a writing workshop. By analyzing the stories we tell ourselves, we come to see how those past events shape the way we view our world and determine our reality. In analyzing these stories, we become not just a story teller—repeating a story we learned from someone or something else—but we become the author of our own stories. We can change and shape the way we view both the past and our futures by revising these old stories.

I’m here to offer you the tools to do just that.  Click here to get started.